Different plants need different amounts of light

Different types of plants have different light requirements. By understanding the needs of your potted plants, you will ensure that they will grow and thrive throughout the year. Here are various plants that enjoy bright light, medium light, and low light conditions.

Bright light

Cacti are associated with dryer conditions and plenty of light. This is why you should place your cacti in a spot that receives a fair amount of direct sunlight. Bonsai plants also enjoy plenty of light but make sure that they get the morning sun rather than direct sunlight during the middle of the day. If you don’t have the right location in your home but you still wish to own a bonsai, you can invest in a grow light. Zebra plants also prefer bright light. They don’t need much are and they don’t need to be watered often either.

Medium light

Bergonias are a favourite in many homes and they are great for perking up the room with a splash of colour. These plants prefer medium sunlight and moist soil. Moderate temperatures are ideal which means that they should be protected from extreme heat as well as extreme cold. African Violets are also popular when it comes to potted plants. They are ideal for those who have never had houseplants before and would like to grow their indoor garden. These plants enjoy evenly moist soil, relatively warm conditions and medium sunlight. When watering, remember not to wet the leaves of this plant. Ficus plants are great for those who have some experience with houseplants. They prefer for their soil to become dry before watering and they enjoy moderate temperatures. Remember, do not wait too long to water your ficus since this could result in it losing its leaves.

Low light

ZZ plants and Snake plants are both easy to care for. ZZ plants require very little light and they are very low maintenance. Watering occasionally is what this plant needs since they prefer dryer environments. Snake plants could survive with virtually no light. They also prefer dryer conditions so you should avoid humid spaces like your bathroom. Orchids are available in a number of species but, for the most part, they prefer shade. There might be some varieties that enjoy more light but, mostly they enjoy warm, humid, and shady spots in your home. Orchids love humidity which is why it’s a good idea to place them on a humidity tray. In nature, most orchids attatch themselves to trees which means that they are protected by the shade of that tree. This is what we must always keep in mind when growing orchids in our homes.