Decorating with mistletoe

Mistletoe has become an essential part of our Christmas décor. Although we have been using mistletoe for many years, there are still a number of fascinating facts that most people do not know.

Mistletoe traditions include:

  • A couple under the mistletoe must kiss.
  • After mistletoe is cut from the tree, it must not touch the ground.
  • Mistletoe must be the final decoration that you take down.
  • If you leave mistletoe hanging year round, it is believe to protect against fire.
  • The sprigs need to be updated every Christmas Eve.
  • They symbolise love, peace, and goodwill.
  • It’s associated with fertility.

Making mistletoe decorations:

  • String mistletoe up and hang above door frames.
  • Thread on pins to insert in ribbons on your clove pomanders.
  • Add to gifts by securing with double-sided tape.
  • Glue to hair clips if you want to wear mistletoe.
  • Attach to jars that you want to fill with something to send as a gift.

Things to remember:

It’s important to remember that, while mistletoe is beautiful, there are some warnings you should be aware of. Mistletoe is toxic if consumed which is why it’s so important to keep them away from children and pets in particular. Consumption of the leaves or berries can result in seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, blood pressure fluctuations, and a slowed heart rate. The amount consumed determines the severity of the symptoms. If you plan on working with mistletoe, you might want to play it safe and wear gloves. Make sure that you do not leave your tools or supplies unattended. Clean the work surface thoroughly once you are done.