Decorate with vases in your home

When you receive a bouquet of brilliant blooms, the might be delivered in a gorgeous vase. For the most part, transparent vases are the top choice because they are versatile and look great with all types of arrangements. Once the blooms perish, did you know that you can decorate with vases too? Here are some great ideas of what you can do with that spare vase rather than allow it to gather dust in the back of some cupboard.

Inspired by nature

Mother Nature has a wonderful way of turning even the most drab surroundings into an oasis. Take seashells for example. These were once the homes of various sea creatures and critters. The former resident has perished but left behind something beautiful for us to enjoy. You can decorate with vases filled with seashells, pine cones, acorns, precious stones and similar natural objects that are far from uniform in shape and size. Drop them in gently but randomly to create a truly natural-looking design.

Something delicious

You can decorate with vases filled with delicious goodies too. They can either smell scrumptious, like coffee, or you can place snacks like jelly beans inside. Just make sure that you don’t fill large vases with things like chocolates that could met or nuts that will turn stale if left out for too long. Smaller vases are best for these types of snacks. Larger vases can be filled with wrapped sweets instead. This way, you don’t have to worry about air or dust exposure. Chocolate tends to melt so make sure that you only display such sweets in cooler rooms or use smaller vases that you can refill more frequently.

Full of life

Depending on the size and shape of your vase, you might be able to add some beautiful small fish. You should place some pebbles at the bottom of the vase, add fresh cool (not cold) water and then gently introduce your fish. If you are wondering what types of fish can survive and thrive in small vases, you should consider a Siamese Fighter Fish or you can add a few small but colourful Neons. The Siamese Fighter should be kept alone in the vase since it can kill other types of fish. Neons are fast swimmers and they shimmer beautifully.

Artificial beauty

If you can’t find any natural vase fillers, you can always decorate with vases and artificial fillers. Plastic gems, silk petals or artificial flowers are all lovely fillers. You can even place a candle inside the vase and light it or turn it on (if it is an LED candle) for some soft and relaxing light on your dinner table or in your living room.

Depending on the time of year, you might even like to decorate with vases that are filled with seasonal goodies. For instance, over Easter, you might like to add some Easter eggs (chocolate or plastic), for Valentine’s Day you can add some hearts, for Christmas you could fill vases with festive items like pine cones or candy canes. Vases really allow you to get creative with your décor and, of course, you can fill them with fresh, dried or silk flowers too.