Common mistakes to avoid when you receive fresh flowers

There is no denying the fact that fresh flowers have a wonderful way of making you smile as soon as they are delivered. Of course, if these blooms wilt prematurely, it can have the opposite effect. No matter the type of blooms that you receive, it is important to give them the right care from the moment they arrive. This will ensure that they stay fresh and beautiful for that much longer.

Stem neglect

The stems of your fresh flowers are responsible for transporting water and nutrients. If the stems are not trimmed before you place them in the vase, they will not be able to absorb water ass efficiently. It’s also important to remember to trim the stems every couple of days to give them that fresh new surface. Bacteria tends to grow on the bottom of the stem and this causes blockages. Trimming ensures that these blockages are removed.

Dirty vase

There are few things worse than a dirty vase! Do yourself and your fresh flowers a favour by cleaning and rinsing your vase thoroughly before use. You should also clean the vase every couple of days when you trim the stems again and change the vase water. Remember, it is essential that you rinse the vase thoroughly too. Soapy vase water will not make your flowers happy!

Not changing the water

If you do not change the vase water regularly, you will notice that it will change colour and it can even start to smell really bad. This is because bacteria starts to develop and multiply in the water. This bacteria will harm your fresh flowers and cause them to perish sooner rather than later.

Ignoring the temperature

Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) can have an adverse effect on the health of your fresh flowers. This is why you need to select the right spot for your blooms. Keep them away from air conditioners and sources of heat if you want them to stay beautiful.

Leaving dead stems in the vase with fresh flowers

If you see some of the stems start to wilt, it is best to remove them right away. Dying and dead plant material releases a kind of gas into the air that causes the rest of the bouquet to perish sooner. Dying plant material also negatively affects the quality of the vase water.

Flowers and fruit

While they might look nice together, you should never place fresh flowers anywhere near fruit. This is because there are several types of fruit that release ethylene gas which will kill your flowers.

With just these essential tips in mind, you can be sure that your fresh flowers will look their best for that much longer! If you are choosing a bouquet for yourself at your local florist, remember to always select blooms that are only partially open so that you can enjoy them that much more!