Clean And Modern Arrangements

Over the years, florists have come up with new ways to make flower arrangements fresh and exciting.  Years ago, if a florist delivered a triangular-shaped bouquet, it was seen as highly fashionable.  Today, however, it you want to be really original and stand out, then you should send flowers that are arranged in a way that may not have crossed your mind before.  Two popular examples that are sure to impress and catch the eye are clean and modern arrangements.

A clean flower arrangement consists of a single type of flower.  So, for example, if you send a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day, that would be a clean flower arrangement.  One of the biggest advantages of this kind of arrangement is that you are able to really appreciate a particular flower.  Some flowers can all but disappear when grouped with too many other types of blooms.  For really special occasions or when you want to convey a specific message, then this kind of arrangement won’t let you down.  According to the language of flowers, each flower has a meaning and each colour of every flower has a sub-meaning.  So, by doing some research in advance, you can find the perfect flower to convey your message.  They are also a really safe choice if you are ordering from a florist for the first time and you aren’t sure of the quality of their work.  Clean flower arrangements leave no room for error so you are sure to get a brilliantly beautiful bouquet no matter what.

As for modern flower arrangements, they are a bit more involved but definitely worth every bit of effort.  Consider home décor and what a modern style home would look like.  Many of the elements that make a room or home design modern also apply to modern flower designs.  The best way of achieving a modern look is by using a container that fits in with the rest of your décor.  Shape is very important as is the material used.  There should be no pattern or design on the vase itself and it should be as minimalistic as possible.

In terms of flower choice, you will also generally stick to a single kind of flower.  The colour you choose should also not be something too bright.  Neutral tones make this arrangement suitable as a gift for men and women.  Even business owners enjoy giving them out as gifts to their staff and / or clients.

A popular trend for wedding flowers and flower for various other events is the bud vase arrangement.  Bud vase arrangements consist of a single flower placed in a slender vase.  It is the perfect clean arrangement and it does not come with a heavy price tag either.  In addition, it takes up far less space on the dinner table so guests will have more room for their wine glasses, plates of food and various personal items like cameras and phones.

The next time you order a bouquet or send flowers, consider where they are most likely to put them on display.  Smaller arrangements are usually better since it allows the recipient to really pick or choose where to put it.  Larger arrangements require more space and can really create a cramped or overcrowded feeling if the recipient has limited space or a very small home.