Christmas tree care tips

When you receive a fresh flower delivery, your first instinct will be to unwrap it, trim the stems and get the blooms in some fresh, clean water. When your Christmas tree arrives home, however, you might not be all that sure about where you should start. So, here are some steps that you can easily follow.

Trunk trimming

Just as you trim fresh flowers, so too should you trim the trunk of your tree. Half an inch is usually sufficient. The only difference between trimming flowers and your Christmas tree is that you will not trim the tree trunk at an angle. You want to cut as straight as possible.

Regular watering

When you buy a fresh Christmas tree, it may no longer have roots but it is still alive. This means that it needs water to survive and stay fresher for longer. You need to check the level in the reservoir daily to make sure that it does not get too low. The water level should always be above the trunk.

The perfect stand

Make sure that you choose a stand that has a reservoir. In addition, you also need a stand that will suit the size of your tree. Stuffing the tree in a stand that is too small or shaving the sides of the trunk to force it inside can do a lot of harm and significantly shorten the lifespan of your Christmas tree. If you already have a stand, take it along with you when shopping for a tree so that you don’t buy a tree that’s too big or small.

Sweeten it up

Sugar can be added to vase water to help keep fresh cut flowers happy. This is why it should be difficult to understand how sugar can have the same effect on your Christmas tree. Mix some sugar with warm (not hot) water to dissolve the sugar before adding it to the water in the reservoir. Alternatively, you can buy a special solution to add to your tree water which will help it last longer.

Choose the right spot

Just like your vase of fresh blooms, you need to choose the right spot for your Christmas tree. This is because the tree should not be placed near sources of heat like radiators. It can dry them out in a hurry and your tree will not stay fresh for long. So, think about this when choosing the ideal spot for your tree.

With all of these Christmas tree care tips in mind, you will be able to make the most of your lush green tree for several weeks. This means that you really can put up your tree early without worrying about it turning brown. It’s also important to remember to recycle your tree after use. If you have a garden with enough space, you could buy a potted tree and, once the holidays are over, you can plant it in your garden!