Christmas rose care advice and tips

If you receive or buy a Christmas rose this year, it’s important to make sure that you know how to care for this potted plant in order to help it thrive. This plant is easy to care for provided you ensure that its basic needs are met. Here’s how to ensure that your rose plant is happy.


Your Christmas rose will do best in an area with bright indirect light or partial shade. It would be ideal to place the plant near an east or west-facing window.


Check the potting soil before watering. It should be dry to the touch 1 inch below the surface. When watering, make sure that you don’t allow the pot to rest in a tray of water. Yes, you can wet the soil thoroughly, but you should let excess water run off before placing the plant back onto the drip tray. Overwatering or allowing your Christmas rose to rest in a tray of water can result in root rot which will kill the plant.


Unlike most other types of roses, the Christmas rose actually enjoys cooler temperatures. Sure, you don’t want to let the plant freeze, but you will notice that its blooms will last that much longer if it is kept in a cooler room.


Like all plants, you need to provide your Christmas rose with extra nutrients on a regular basis. While actively growing, you can fertilize once a month from spring to the end of summer. If you plant it in your garden, you will only need to apply a granular fertilizer once a year.

By following these basic care guidelines, you can rest assured that your Christmas rose will bloom year after year. It will prove to be a wonderful colourful addition to your festive d├ęcor. When the plant gets too large for your home, you can transplant it outdoors and enjoy its beauty throughout the year.