Christmas party preparation advice

If you are planning on hosting guests over the holidays, you want to make sure that your home is just perfect. While you want your home to be perfect, you also want it to be warm and welcoming. Here are some essential Christmas party preparation tips to ensure that you feel proud of your home while your guests feel welcome.

Start by cleaning

You can’t start decorating your home for a Christmas party if you do not clean from top to bottom first. It’s important to make sure that each room in your home is thoroughly cleaned. This might take several days but it’s a great way of ridding yourself of anything you no longer use, need or want. It will also give your home that fresh, clean smell.

Donate generously

You can also use this time to take note of what you have in your wardrobe and around your home that you may no longer use. If these items are still in good condition, you could help those in need by donating them. Take these items to a nearby shelter or contact your local charities to find out where they will be collecting and distributing donations.

Sort through decorations

Just like you need to take stock of what you still use around your home, so too should you take stock of your Christmas party decorations. Some might be sentimental in nature while others might be so old and damaged that they are no longer any good. Rather than hanging on to broken decorations, you should be rid of them and focus on the ones that still look beautiful. This way, you will know soon enough if it’s time to buy some new decorations.

Fresh décor

If you have an artificial tree, it is especially important to add some fresh Christmas party décor to your home. You can add a beautiful festive centrepiece or place a poinsettia or two at the base of your Christmas tree.

The scent of Christmas

Along with the beauty of Christmas party décor, the scent is just as important. Some scents that are commonly associated with the holidays include cinnamon, pine, apple and vanilla. You can fill your home with a delicious scent by baking your favourite cookies or you can choose some lovely essential oils or scented candles.

Now that your home looks and smells amazing, you are ready for both expected and unexpected Christmas party guests! Remember, you may have planned to receive guests on Christmas Eve or for lunch on Christmas Day. However, you want to make sure that your home is just perfect for those unexpected visitors too!