Choosing Suitable Corporate Flowers

A challenge that many business owners face is having to source and select the perfect gifts for their loyal clients. There are several factors that need to be considered when giving anyone a gift and corporate gifts are no exception. Even buying gifts for your friends and family can be tricky so it’s understandable that shopping for customers is more challenging since you don’t know each one of them on a personal basis.

Perhaps you have considered sending a nice bottle of wine to each client at the end of the year. The tricky part is that you don’t know if all of your clients drink and, even if they do drink, they might not all enjoy wine. You also can’t send each customer a different gift since this would require extra effort, time and could cause issues between any of your clients that just happen to know one another. So, what’s the best solution? A fresh flower delivery!

Corporate Flowers

Ordering flowers as corporate gifts really is the easiest option for most, if not all, companies. You can select one option for ladies and another for men instead of trying to find a bouquet to suit everyone. When you send flowers to women, they should usually consist of soft colours and perhaps pastels.  Popular choices include various shades of pink and purple. For women, you also have a large number of types of containers to choose from. From porcelain and glass vases to floral foam and everything in between, your container will depend on the type of arrangement you want to send.  You can even go the extra mile and decorate the container with a bow or ribbon if you wish.

Ordering flowers for men might require a bit more thought. These flower arrangements should have more of a linear design. They should consist of bright, striking coloured flowers and the foliage should have a kind of upright or straight design like bamboo or other straight leaves. Containers or vases should be very simple.  Stick to clear or basic colours like black, white or clear glass. They should be rectangular or cylindrical in shape since curvy designs are more feminine while straight lines are masculine. There is also no need to decorate the vase with bows or ribbons.

If you are uncertain about sending flowers or you want to send flowers along with something extra, you can check if your online florist sells hampers. Hampers don’t necessarily need to contain wine or any other type of alcohol. You can find fruit hampers, sweet hampers, cosmetic hampers, hampers for men and so much more. No matter what your preference or budget, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. You can even arrange for the flowers and hampers to be delivered directly to your clients or to your premises if you prefer. If you have a large number of clients, you will probably prefer to have your gifts delivered on your behalf. Especially if your florist offers free flower delivery. You also won’t have to spend any time wrapping each gift and you can include a thank you note in each delivery so that the recipients know that the gift is from you.