Choose the right flowers for Valentine’s Day

Some people are familiar with the language of flowers but there are still many people out there who are unaware of the meanings each flower carries. Red roses are the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day because they are associated with a message of passion and love. Around this time of year, red roses tend to increase in price. This is both due to the high demand and the fact that these blooms are not in season during the colder months. The good news is that red roses are not your only option for romantic occasions. There are also plenty of other beautiful blooms that you could choose instead.

Some of the best examples of alternatives include carnations, tulips, and chrysanthemums. They are each available in several colours, including red. Carnations are associated with several meanings depending on the colour. Red carnations, like red roses, are associated with love. Pink and white carnations have also proven popular for romantic occasions. Red chrysanthemums send a message of love while yellow ones send a message of slighted love. All the more reason to take care when choosing your colours. Red tulips are also an excellent choice and they look amazing on their own or you can pair them with yellow tulips.

Poppies also have various meanings based on their colour. Red ones represent love while blue poppies send a message of love at first sight. Purple roses or thornless roses also send the message of love at first sight.

If you would like to send an anonymous flower delivery for Valentine’s Day, you can depend on your florist for some help in this department. Gardenias are the floral symbol of secret love which makes them perfect for your crush. Amaranths represent immortal love while amrbosias are the symbol of reciprocated love and anemones are the symbol of unfading love.

Asters symbolize love and trust while daisies are associated with a loyal kind of love. Eternal love is represented by Primrose. If you plan on sending flowers with this kind of strong, romantic message, you might want to make sure that the feelings are mutual. In other words they are best for long-term relationships rather than new ones.

No matter the flowers you choose for your Valentine, don’t forget to include a special message too. Your florist may also offer extras like chocolates, bubbly, a stuffed animal, and other great gifts that can be included with your flower delivery.