Celebrate friendship day with flowers

Friendship Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to show those special people in your life just how much you care. Fresh flowers are a wonderful gift for all occasions, including Friendship Day, and there are plenty of bouquets to choose from.

Yellow flowers are often the most popular choice for celebrating friendships. They are bright, they convey happiness, and they will never be misconstrued as a romantic gesture. Yellow roses, sunflowers, and many other yellow blooms look fantastic all on their own. If you are particularly worried about not sending any unintentional messages, you could always choose a mixed bouquet. A mixed yellow bouquet will consist of several types of yellow flowers which gives it some slight colour variation as well as textural contrasts. Foliage is optional and will depend on the type of flowers you have chosen.

Another great idea, if you’re not sure about opting for yellow, is to choose a bouquet that consists of a single type of flower in several colour. For example, you could send a bouquet of roses but make sure that your florist mixes the colours so that the arrangement includes red, pink, orange, yellow, and any other colours you see fit. If you prefer, you could even send an arrangement that consists of several types of flowers and various colours. For example, you could pair up some Asiatic Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Carnations, and a few fillers and foliage for the ultimate colour and texture contrasts!

Remember to ask your florist about optional extras like a glass vase, a bottle of bubbly, or a box of luxury chocolates. Adding to your flower order will make your gift that much more complete and it will also save you the time and trouble of shopping elsewhere for that little something extra.

Don’t forget to write a special message in the card that will travel along with the fresh flower delivery! Make the message personal and tell the recipient just how much their friendship means to you. You can have the delivery made directly to the recipient or you can receive the order and make the flower delivery yourself if you prefer. Either way, make sure that you let your friends know how much you appreciate them this Friendship Day!