The birth flower for April

Just like your zodiac and birthstone, you have a birth flower associated with the month of your birth. For the month of April, there are two flowers we can enjoy – the daisy and the sweet pea. Find out more about the meanings of these blooms below.


Daisies come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are known for their yellow centre and they are the symbol of innocence, fertility, transformation and purity. They are also the floral representation of the kind of joy and playfulness that we see in children. White is the most common colour but yellow, purple and red varieties are also very popular.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are the symbol of pleasure and gratitude. Their delicate petals are rich in colour and they are loved for their sweet fragrance too. These blooms are available in several colours. Of which, the most popular being red, white, blue, pink, purple and peach. There are even some multicolour swirl, stripe and streaked varieties that have been specially breed and cultivated. The one colour that you will not find, however, is yellow.

Birthstone and birth flower

When you choose April birthday flowers, you need not only flowers that are associated with this month. The birthstone for this month is the diamond. As such, you can include some sparkling gems to the bouquet to include both April birthday elements.

Something extra

When you send birthday flowers in April, you can also take a moment to shop around for something extra to go along with your fresh flower delivery. A birthday cake, birthday balloon, bottle of bubbly or luxury chocolates are all excellent birthday gifts.

Don’t forget to include a special birthday message to go with your flower delivery. Think about a special personal message to include so that your gift is as sentimental as it it impressive.