Azalea plant care advice

Azaleas are very well known house plants and they make fabulous presents for Mother’s Day, birthday events and essentially every other event over time. At the point when you are hoping to send roses to someone exceptional and you need something that truly sticks out, this plant’s intense and splendid sprouts make certain to be well-received. They are likewise extremely simple to care for. On the off chance that you have bought an Azalea plant for yourself or on the other hand assuming you have gotten one as a gift, here are a few hints to keep your Azalea plant in the best of health.

Daylight and temperature

Your azalea plant will require a considerable measure of light but not too much direct sunlight. They favour temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. In the mid year months, you ought to put your plant in the coolest piece of your home and, in the cooler cold weather months, you ought to ensure that the room doesn’t get excessively cold. After the plant has blossomed, you might need to put it in a window that receives the gentle morning sun. You ought to in any case stay away from the harsh direct sun during the remainder of the day.


The soil of your azalea plant ought to never be allowed to dry completely. Ensure that you water them routinely and completely. You need to take into account water seepage and don’t over water. Add water until the dirt is adequately damp and the water begins to channel through the holes of the pot. Be mindful so as not to pour the water in one spot yet rather circulate it uniformly over the whole soil surface.

Soil type

Your azalea plant will appreciate acidic conditions. Along these lines, the ideal soil blend includes a considerable measure of peat greenery. Nonetheless, peat blends by and large support exceptionally fast drainage and the dirt probably won’t hold very as much water as you might naturally suspect. Thorough watering consistently is fundamental for growth. On the off chance that and when your Azalea grows out of its pot, you ought to repot with a combination of soil and peat greenery. 66% of the blend ought to comprise of peat greenery.

Other significant data

Very much like cut blossoms in a jar, dead plant material ought to be taken out speedily and cautiously so as not to hurt the plant. If you leave dead material appended to the plant, this could support infection and further plant rot. Assuming you notice that the leaves begin to become yellow, the plant is probably lacking particular nutrients such as iron. Visit your nearby nursery or get some information about some sort of iron enhancement that you can add to the dirt.

It is vital to take note of that a wide range of Azaleas are thought of as toxic to people and pets. Assuming that any piece of the azalea plant is ingested, medical attention ought to be sought right away. Keep pets and little youngsters far from these plants by setting them in a piece of the house that they can’t get to.