Autumn wreath with fruit and flowers

Wreaths are popular decorations for homes around the world. They are often displayed outside the front door during the holidays, but can also be displayed indoors. And they’re not just for Christmas. They can be enjoyed throughout the year. You just need to make sure that the colour palette and theme you choose fits the season. Here are some tips to help you make your own autumn wreath.


True to the season

Just like a seasonal flower arrangement, when you make an autumn wreath you will want to focus on colours such as red, yellow, orange, gold, a little brown and of course a beautiful green green. Consider things like dried leaves, acorns, grass, berries, twigs, and grass. You can also use materials such as satin, velvet or raffia to make it look good.

Fabulous fruit

You can create the base of your wreath using floral foam wrapped in wire (like chicken wire). Wire is good for holding heavier objects. If you plan to use bright fresh fruit, you can use anything from apples and oranges to lemons and limes. Mini pumpkins and mini squash are popular these days. Secure the fruit using skewers and glue or yarn. The method you use will depend on the weight of the fruit. Certain types of fruit, such as apples, can be dipped in wax so that they remain bright longer after being exposed. It also helps prevent insects from eating the fruit. Citrus fruits have a tough skin, which means that your autumn wreath will last that much longer too.


Dried fruit options

Dried fruit is another option to consider. Slices of dried fruit make a wonderful addition to the autumn décor. Some good examples include oranges, limes, lemons, and apples. You can also accompany them with a few cinnamon sticks. To fix the dried fruits, it will be enough to use glue. Dried fruit slices are known to last longer than fresh fruit, but they should still be checked from time to time for any signs of deterioration. Inspect your autumn wreath at least every couple of days and remove any fruit, flowers or foliage that might not look their best.


Long-lasting décor

Artificial fruits, like artificial flowers, are often easier to work with because they will not suffer the same fate as dried or fresh fruit. Artificial plants can be used for many years instead of throwing your autumn wreath away every year. They are permanent and can be attached to the base. You can find a variety of styles from a variety of sources, including your local grocery store.


Including flowers

Flowers are also important to any autumn wreath design. Like fruit, you can choose from fresh, dried and artificial flowers. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Like fruit, you’ll want to choose the right colour palette. If you want to add a little gold to your composition, consider painting roses. You can also add a nice neutral shade of cream. Roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations are great choices for adding just the right colour to your wreath. With a base of dark green and voila!

Depending on your personal preferences and your budget, you will need to decide between using fresh, dried or artificial items in your autumn wreath design. Of course, you can also combine various elements such as fresh flowers and dried flowers or fresh flowers and artificial fruit.