Autumn – the season for mums

When decorating your home or office during the autumn months, you are most likely to come across chrysanthemums. These beautiful flowers are available in various colours and they are known for being long lasting. Since they are available during this time of year, it makes sense to make the most of these flowers for a number of reasons. Not only are they reasonably priced but they will also hold up better during these weather conditions.

While mums are known for lasting particularly long as cut flowers, growing them yourself will require a fair bit of care. Of course, your effort will certainly pay off when your mums are in bloom! Not only will your garden enjoy some stunning colour, but you could also pick these flowers to decorate your home.

Decorating your home or office with chrysanthemums is particularly easy and you can use a single colour or you can use several colours. For autumn, the most popular colours are red and orange. Remmeber, you can use these flowers on their own or you can pair them with other flowers like roses.

Like any other cut flowers, it’s best to trim the stems at an angle to encourage absorption. Keep an eye on the vase water and make sure that your chrysanthemums do not dehydrate. You should change the water every couple of days to prevent excessive bacterial growth in the water. The stems might need to be trimmed again if bacteria starts to clog them. Any dying or dead plant material should be removed promptly or they can cause the other flowers to wilt prematurely.