Autumn flowers and arranging tips

Just like all other seasonal blooms, arranging autumn flowers requires the right choice in blooms, accents and holders. It’s these elements that bring it all together perfectly. Before you begin, here are some guidelines to help you choose each of these elements and pair them perfectly.

Autumn flowers

One of the most popular autumn flowers available is the sunflower. They are large, bright and they have a long bloom season. This means that you can enjoy them throughout the summer and well into the autumn season. Roses are also excellent for creating a bouquet with classic beauty. You could even add some calla lilies for elegance or carnations for diverse texture. Lisianthus add a bold shade of purple which complements the popular major orange or yellow theme beautifully. If you want a particularly delicate addition, you should consider adding an orchid or a few.


A bouquet of autumn flowers does not need to consist strictly of fresh blooms. There are plenty of other accents that you can add to complete the look of your arrangement. Berries add colour and amazing texture. They work well as fillers. Wheat is also a seasonal sensation as are gourds. The pumpkin theme is popular during this time of year and you can add small gourds using flower picks or you can arrange some decorative pumpkins around the base of your vase.


Before choosing autumn flowers and accessories, you need to consider what type of holder you plan on using. For instance, if you want to decorate your home with sunflowers, you need a vase that is tall enough to accommodate such long stems. Some of the most popular autumn holders include plastic pumpkins, candy bowls, baskets, cornucopias and mason jars.

Once you have selected your autumn flowers, accessories and holder, all you need to do is arrange them perfectly. Remember, choose some flowers as your focal blooms. They will be larger than the rest and they will take centre stage. You can then add mass and filler blooms or substitute filler flowers with filler accessories. If you like, you can complete with dark green foliage or you can add dried sticks.