August birthday bouquet

When you are looking for the perfect and most thoughtful August birthday gift, there are a number of wonderful options. Fresh flowers make an excellent gift for all occasions and the right August birthday bouquet will prove to be a thoughtful and practical gift. Here are some tips for choosing the right birthday flowers for your friend or loved one.

August birthday flowers

There are two flowers associated with the month of August – the poppy and gladiolus. Both of which are loved for their bright colour and unique beauty. Depending on the culture, poppies can be associated with luxury, beauty and success. Gladioli represent infatuation, strength and moral integrity. Gladioli are available in various colours and they can be added to mixed bouquets or displayed all on their own.

Gemstone inspiration

Another option to consider is an August birthday bouquet that gets its inspiration from the gemstones associated with this month. Peridot and Spinel are two stones that represent this month. Peridot is loved for its lime green colour and it is believe to give the wearer power. Spinel is a lovely stone that comes in various colours including purple, red and pink. You can choose a flower arrangement that includes elements that represent one or both of these gemstones. One way of doing so is by pairing pink germinis with green shamrock blossoms and lime carnations as well as other mass and filler flowers for that final touch.

Something extra

While your August birthday bouquet will look perfectly beautiful all on its own, it’s worth considering including something extra like luxury chocolates, some wine or even a birthday balloon. If the recipient is celebrating a milestone birthday, you want to make sure that their gift is as special and memorable as possible!

Finally, don’t forget to include a special birthday message. If you choose to have the flowers delivered directly to the recipient, this message will let them know who the flowers are from. If you would like to present the bouquet in person, your card will be the part of the gift that they can treasure for years to come.