August birth flowers

Every month of the year is associated with a particular kind of flower. There are in fact two flowers that are associated with the month of August and they are the poppy and the gladiolus. Both are coloruful and perfect for this time of year.

The gladiolus is also known as the “sword lily” and it represents calm, remembrance, integrity, and even infatuation. These flowers are grand and tall in appearance which makes them fantastic for tall flower arrangements. They can be displayed on their own but they tend to look best in a fuller, mixed bouquet. Some flowers that look particularly lovely along with gladiolus include Asiatic lilies, carnations, roses, and various members of the daisy family. Gladiolus flowers are available in various captivating colours which makes any August birthday flower arrangement bright and full of joy.

As for the poppy, these comparatively dainty blooms are also available in a wide variety of colours. Red poppies symbolise pleasure, white ones are sent to console the recipient, and yellow poppies send a message of success and wealth. If you don’t want to choose a particular colour, you can always send a mixed bouquet or you can add other flowers of similar size to the bouquet. By mixing your flowers you add even more colour as well as texture and natural variety.

If you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday during the month of August, it’s always a good idea to consider these flowers as a suitable and meaningful gift. Of course, if for whatever reason you cannot get your hands on either of these two blooms, you can always rely on a bright birthday bouquet of mixed flowers from you favourite florist!