All about Anthuriums

When you want to give a flower arrangement a tropical theme, here are a number of blooms you can choose to add. Anthuriums are one of the top options due to their appearance and bright colours. The flower has a glossy look which makes it truly unusual. The best part of all is that these flowers can be cultivated throughout the year which means that your florist should have no trouble sourcing them.

Also known as Flamingo Flowers due to their amazing shape, these tropical blooms enjoy environments with higher humidity levels. These flowers are not only popular as cut flowers, but they are also great house plants. Whether cut or potted, one thing remains the same – Anthuriums love water so make sure that they have plenty of it. As cut flowers, they can last as long as 3 weeks – provided they are properly cared for.

If you have an Anthurium plant, you will soon notice just how lovely it looks even when it’s not in bloom. The plant has plenty of leaves that make it look great even when not blooming. Anthuriums are divided into three main types. These groups are based on the design of the spathes. Spathe is the term used to refer to what we see as the flower. They are large bracts and they are either standard, obake, or tulip spathes. The most common of which is the standard variety. The Titan Arum (a rather smelly plant) is also part of the same family as these tropical beauties. Fortunately, Anthuriums do not share this pungent scent.

When growing Anthuriums or when displaying the cut variety in your home, remember that the plant and its flowers are toxic. They should be kept far from pets and children. Ingestion of any part of the plant can cause severe stomach problems. If you plan on sending this plant or flowers as a gift, make sure that you let the recipient know to take care. These flowers prefer a moderate temperature. Do not place your flowers in a room where it’s cooler than 45 degrees F. If they get too cold, they will turn black.

Miss these flowers on a regular basis in order to create some extra humidity. Trim the bottoms of the stems every 5 days. This helps create a fresh clean surface for absorption and it will help your flowers last longer. As for the potted variety, you should mist them every day and you can even place them on a humidity tray. Make sure that they are not placed in direct sunlight, windy areas, or near air conditioners or fire places. They should be protected from any elements that will cause damage or make them wilt and perish prematurely.