90% of flowers in Wales at high risk of extinction

Its estimated that one in ten flowers in the woods of Wales are in great danger of disappearing for good. Immediate conservation is urgently required in Wales to prevent what could be a massive e in the mass loss of flowers.

Though the Welsh government has made numerous assurances that they will do all they can to preserve the flowers of Wales, there is more improvement needed.

Not only would there be the devastating impact on loss of flowers, but the surrounding wildlife would also suffer greatly. Figures all ready show a decline in Butterflies. Much research is needed to provide answers why this happens so that intervention can take place sooner rather than later to save the flowers and wildlife.

It has been said that the woodlands in Wales are largely overgrown creating little light for flowers to grow. There must be major trims to bring more light to the woodland surface to give the flowers a chance to survive.

Campaigns continue to pressure the Welsh government to be more proactive to save the flowers and wildlife.