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Romantic flowers that will suit your tight budget

If you are looking for the perfect romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day but you’re on a tight budget, not to worry! There are so many great ways in which you can save money on blooms simply by making a few specific choices. Here are some essential tips. Shop early First things first, you want to […]

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Valentine’s Day flower colour options

When shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, there are two main questions that shoppers ask: what type of flowers should you send and which colours are best for this occasion? Roses are the top choice for romance but many people are opting for other blooms such as carnations, tulips and lilies. As for […]

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Romantic bedroom d├ęcor tips and ideas

Romance is what the month of February is all about which is why now is the perfect time to transform your bedroom! The perfect romantic bedroom is easy to create with just a few basic tips and decorating ideas. You can pick and choose from these ideas based on your preferences and budget. Soft sheets […]

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Unique flowers for a romantic evening

Now is the time to start planning date night for Valentine’s Day. While red roses are the number one choice for this occasion, there are a number of people who are moving away from this traditional trend. If you are looking for unique flowers that will set the mood, here are a few ideas. Different […]

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Order flowers early for your loved one

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days for florists around the world. When shopping online for fresh blooms, you might not see a crowd of people or queue at the register, but you can be certain that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of customers searching at the same time. The increased demand for […]

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Tips for decorating your patio

Your patio is not only the perfect spot to relax, but it is also great for entertaining guests. Whether you are simply trying to create the perfect escape or the right venue for playing host, you will need to ensure that your patio is appropriately decorated. Here are a few great tips for doing just […]

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Best herbs to grow indoors

While some plants enjoy growing outside, others do better indoors. One of the greatest struggles for gardeners is keeping certain plants alive throughout the colder months of the year. There are a number of lovely herbs that you can grow in your garden before bringing them in during the winter. Lemongrass is one of the […]

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How the water-crowfoot is fighting the elements

The water-crowfoot (Ranunculus), native to the UK has found an ingenious way to resist being washed away by rising river levels. The plant is usually found in rivers or streams, if not then close by, and in the past, when the river levels have been too low, the rare flower, a member of the Buttercup […]

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