Writing the perfect message to go with flowers

The perfect flower delivery is not just about choosing the right flowers in the right colours. It’s also about the message you send along with those flowers. For some, finding the right words is easy but, for others, putting pen to paper is a terrifying idea. Here are some tips for writing the perfect message.

It’s not an essay

When you write a card, you should rest assured that you need not compose a book or even and essay. In fact, your florist will usually only allow you a certain number of characters for your personal message. In most cases this is great news for those who struggle to find the right words. Take this word limit into account when composing your message and make every one of them count.

Get personal

The most effective and meaningful message is one that comes from the heart. This is why it’s so important to take several minutes to think about the occasion, the recipient, and your relationship with the recipient. You might be tempted too copy a poem or cute phrase by your favourite author but you should resist this easy way out and write from the heart instead.

Have fun

Enjoy the chance to get creative while expressing how you feel. It’s the perfect time to think about all the best and funniest memories you have together and you could even leave little clues in your message rather than spilling the beans entirely. If you want to propose to your partner, you could write a special message to this effect or use the card as an invitation to join you for an evening of romance.

The perfect message is not about perfection itself. It’s about making the recipient feel special and loved when they read it. Anyone can come up with a generic message but the really great ones are rooted in love.