Why send letterbox flowers

For most of us, the idea of a fresh flower delivery usually means that a beautifully arranged bouquet will be delivered by a trusted courier. However, there are also many other options when it comes to sending flowers and letterbox flowers are fast becoming a top choice for many shoppers. If you are wondering why you should opt for these flower deliveries, here are some of the benefits and what you can expect.


Since so many of us are focussed on price these days, it’s good to remember that letterbox flowers are some of the most affordable blooms that you can send. This is largely due to the fact that they come packaged in a special box and they are not arranged in a vase or as a handheld bouquet.


When you receive letterbox flowers, you can really get creative in the way that you arrange them. If you order these blooms for yourself, you can always take a look at the florist’s website for an idea of what the bouquet can look like and how each type of flower can be arranged. If you enjoy creating your own unique designs, this is also an option.

Fast delivery

Like many other types of bouquets, letterbox flowers are usually available for next day delivery. So, if you need blooms in a hurry, for whatever occasion, you can be sure that they will arrive promptly.

Conveniently packaged

Letterbox flowers come packed in a special box that keeps your flowers safe during travel. These boxes are able to fit in most letterboxes which means that the recipient does not necessarily need to be home to sign for them.

Long-lasting blooms

Another advantage of letterbox flowers is that they are often in bud form. This means that you will be able to enjoy them for that much longer. Watch each bloom open and make the most of their beauty and perfume.

Just like any other cut flower arrangement, your letterbox flowers should be trimmed and prepared before they are placed in a vase with fresh water. Flower food will help keep bacteria growth at bay and feed your flowers to ensure longer lasting blooms.