What she really wants for Mother’s Day

Do you want to make mum feel pampered and special this Mother’s Day? The key to making her smile is choosing the perfect gift just for her. Here are some gifts that mum really wants. Some of these might not seem like conventional ‘gifts’ to you, but they will be appreciated more than you realise.

Spring clean

Mum might stay on top of her house cleaning routine but when it comes to a deep clean, she might not have too much energy at this stage. Thorough cleaning is something that she will appreciate on the day and for several weeks or even months to come. Make sure that she does not try to help you, though! This is supposed to be part of your gift to her.

Trip to the spa

Take mum out for some relaxing spa treatments. Some ideas include a soothing massage, revitalising facial, manicure, pedicure and more. You can even take her out to have her hair done. If mum does not feel like going out for Mother’s Day, you can always bring certain spa treatments to her. You can give her a pedicure, manicure and facial, for example.

Fabulous fresh flowers

No matter how you decide to spend time with mum, you can always send Mother’s Day flowers. Some of the top choices in flowers include carnations, roses, lilies and tulips. Orchids are also an excellent choice but you may prefer a potted plant rather than cut flowers when it comes to orchids. Of course, if mum has a particular favourite flower, you can always send her a bouquet of her favourite blooms.

The best gift you can gift mum on Mother’s Day is your time. It does not take much to buy a gift and present it or have it delivered to mum. Spending time enjoying a meal or hobby together, on the other hand, means that you need to put your schedule on hold and put mum first.