Wedding anniversary flowers for your first year of marriage

Your first year of marriage is much like a dream. During this year you will encounter a number of milestones such as celebrating your birthdays as a married couple and other occasions too. When you visit your friends and family, you will no longer be dating or engaged but rather married. Which is why you first wedding anniversary is something you should certainly make a big deal out of. Here are some ways of celebrating this occasion in the most memorable ways.

First wedding anniversary flowers

The flower associated with the first year of marriage is the carnation. This flower is associated with messages of young and passionate love as well as lasting love. When you consider how hardy and long-lasting these cut flowers are, it’s no wonder! Carnations look amazing all on their own but, if you like, you can ask your florist to include some baby’s breath and a touch of foliage for good measure. You want the bouquet to look as abundant as your love for your spouse.

First anniversary colour

The colour associated with the first anniversary is yellow or gold. This means that you have plenty of gift options. If your budget allows, you could buy some gold jewellery. Another option would be to buy something yellow. You could even send yellow flowers. This is a particularly great plan if carnations are not in season. Consider a bouquet of yellow roses or even a mixed yellow bouquet for your spouse.

First anniversary traditional and modern gift

The traditional gift for this year of marriage is paper while the modern gift is a clock. If you would like to go with paper, you can include a card with your first wedding anniversary flower bouquet. If you prefer the idea of the modern gift, you could present your spouse with a watch. You could even tie this in with the traditional colour and order a gold watch, for example.

No matter what type of first wedding anniversary gift you choose, remember that it should always come from the heart. Many couples struggle financially during their first years together which is why it is perfectly acceptable to shop according to your means. Depending on your budget, you can plan a romantic night out or dinner at home. You could go watch a movie at the cinema, enjoy a show or do something that you both love together.