Virtual date planning tips for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are far away from your Valentine or you simply are unable to be together due to restrictions, you don’t need to skip this romantic occasion. A virtual date could be just what the two of you need to stay connected regardless of the distance between you. Here are some ideas and tips.

Set a time

First things first, you need to plan a time for your virtual date. You might be on a totally different time zone which can make this tricky. However, if you can set aside at least an hour or two of your day, it will go a long way to keeping your relationship as strong as ever.

Arrange a flower delivery

Just because you are enjoying a virtual date does not mean that you cannot send a bright bouquet, chocolates and a bottle of bubbly. Direct delivery thanks to online florists makes it easier than every to pamper your Valentine from afar. Just do yourself a favour and place the order as early as possible and make sure that they are able to deliver on time. If anything, you can have the delivery made the day before Valentine’s Day in order to avoid disappointment.

Dining together

Dinner or at least lunch should be the main part of your virtual date. Just like fresh flowers, you can also have dinner delivered to their door. Provided you are able to place your order and pay online, there should be no trouble enjoying the same or a similar meal together even if you are not at the same table. Make sure that you keep their favourites in mind when ordering food. You want to ensure that they know you were thinking of them during every step of the virtual date planning process!

Decor and atmosphere

Last, but certainly not least, you want to make sure that you set the right stage for your romantic encounter, albeit online. You can still dim the lights, play some soft background music and set some flowers nearby as that final touch.

There you have it! Your virtual date is sure to be a success if you follow these simple steps. Remember, it does not need to be elaborate. This occasion is about spending time together and truly connecting. Talking to one another and ignoring distractions like phone calls and online messages is also essential especially if you have a limited amount of time to spend together.