Various types of carnations

Your florist offers a number of different types of flowers as well as several types of each kind of flower. Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the world and, for this reason, you are bound to find that they are available at flower shops throughout the year. Even when they aren’t in season, several types of carnations are always in stock.

There are three main groups of carnations. These are dwarf, large, and spray varieties. The large variety are extremely popular as mass or even focal flowers in some arrangements. They have long stems that can reach up to 28 inches in height! The flowers can also grow up to 3 inches in diameter which means that they are certainly impressive. Spray carnations, on the other hand, are smaller in size and many people also call them mini carnations. The stems usually reach about 24 inches in length and the flowers will only reach about 1 or 2 inches in diameter. As for dwarf carnations, these are the smallest of all. With stems of just 16 inches in length and flowers up to ¾ of an inch in diameter, they are modest in size but they are still extremely beautiful. When you need smaller flowers for small arrangements, they are an excellent choice!

Carnations are often used as focal flowers if the bouquet is of a medium size. You can also use them as mass flowers if the arrangement is larger and their ruffled petals are great for adding texture to any arrangement. Spray carnations are popular for bridal bouquets because they look like the larger variety but they won’t take up as much space. For boutonnières, you could consider the dwarf variety since this will mean that you can also add a touch of foliage and maybe even some baby’s breath if you like. Using a larger carnation for boutonnières would look out of place but if you are using carnations in your arrangements, the smaller version worn by the groom and his groomsmen, will be perfect.

Not only are carnations popular as cut flowers. They are also fantastic additions to your garden. If you have enough space and the right conditions in your garden, these flowers are certainly worth investing in! There are so many colours from which to choose that you could even opt for several separate plants. This will ensure that your garden is colourful during the cooler months of the year! Plus, whenever you want to bring nature indoors, you can simply pick a few of these stems and set them in a vase on your kitchen or dining room table.

If you are looking for a carnation with a difference, ask your florist about double flower carnations. The single flower varieties have five petals. The double varieties, on the other hand, have up to forty! They might be a bit more pricy but it’s often worth spending a little bit extra for so much more beauty!