Valentine’s Day date night ideas for new parents

If you are a new parent, you might not feel comfortable going out on Valentine’s Day. Some couples try to go out on a date and leave their little ones with a sitter or relative. However, especially for mothers, it can be difficult to really relax and not wonder how the little one is doing. Now, this does not mean that you have to give up on celebrating this occasion. Here’s how you can still make the most of it without causing any unnecessary stress.

Gift ideas

First things first, you need to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Top options include fresh flowers like roses, luxury chocolates and a bottle of bubbly. You can even find some amazing flower combo gifts online! Online florists make life so much easier by pairing the most romantic gift items with beautiful flowers that are sure to impress your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day at home

Now that you have the ideal gift, it’s time to plan your Valentine’s Day date. This is the most challenging part for all new parents because they are usually quite exhausted and overwhelmed. The best thing you can do is lend a hand around the house the day before so that your partner or spouse is not completely burned out. Next, you want to make sure that they are not stuck cooking and cleaning. If you are handy in the kitchen, feel free to get cooking! Alternatively, you can pick up a delicious meal or have it delivered – whichever option suits you best. Get some candles ready (LED candles have become increasingly popular because they are far safer than regular candles) and create a playlist. Not only will the music create the perfect mood, but it could also help relax your new baby.

What about the kids?

This part can be a bit tricky but you shouldn’t let anything get in the way of your Valentine’s Day date. Try to schedule your plans around your new baby’s sleep schedule. It also helps if you are prepared to leave the dinner table to soothe him or her if they start to cry. Give mum a break and she will be both grateful and that much more relaxed.

Your Valentine’s Day date can last as long as you like. You don’t need to spend the entire night at the table either. Once you have enjoyed your meal, you can watch a movie together or simply have one last drink before calling it a night.