Other uses for vases

Many online florists make their flower arrangements even more attractive by adding value for money in the form of a vase. These vases are usually simple in terms of design which makes them wonderfully versatile. They serve their purpose for as long as the flowers remain fresh but, once the bouquet perishes, they often end up packed away somewhere. Instead of sticking it in storage, here are some great ways of using your vases around the house.


Depending on the size and shape of the vase, you could use it as a candleholder. This is a great idea because the vase will help protect the candle from being blown out by a breeze. It also helps protect your other décor from a potential fire risk since the candle is safely nestled inside the vase.


You can use a variety of sweets or a single type of sweets to fill your vase. Jelly beans are one great idea. You can either sprinkle them in all together until the vase is full or you can take the time to separate the colours and create layers. If you are worried about dust affecting the quality of the sweets, you might prefer using sweets in wrappers.

Artificial flowers

Just because your fresh flowers have perished does not mean that you cannot enjoy some floral beauty that will not fade. Silk flowers are perfect for keeping a vase full in between fresh flower deliveries. When a fresh bouquet arrives, you can easily remove the artificial bouquet and pack it away while you enjoy the fresh bunch. Once these blooms wilt, you can clean and dry the vase before filling it again with your silk flowers.

Sand art

Sand art is becoming increasingly popular. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert, you can create some pretty amazing designs and experimenting is half the fun! Remember, there are at least two different types of sand art. One uses dry coloured sand and the other involves a special type of sand along with a vase full of water to create more intricate designs. Both options allow you to use several colours.

Pen and pencil holder

Depending on the size and shape of the vase, you can use it to hold items like pens and pencils. This is great for keeping your desk in order.

These are just a few great ideas and, as you take a look around your home, you are bound to notice even more great ways of putting your vases to good use.