Traditional Mother’s Day flowers she will love

If you want to celebrate and honour mum in the most authentic manner, you can’t go wrong with these three traditional Mother’s Day flowers. Whether you choose one type of flower or you prefer a combination, these are the top three choices for this very special occasion.


The carnation is considered to be the top choice when it comes to traditional Mother’s Day flowers. They are loved for their ruffled petals and gentle perfume. Available in a wide selection of colours as well as different shades of these colours, you are sure to find one she will adore. Pink carnations are the most popular. However, if you know that mum’s favourite colour is purple, you should look for a purple bouquet instead. It will show her that you care enough to pay attention to the things she loves.


Not all rose bouquets are considered to be romantic. Yes, red roses are a symbol of passionate love. However, pink roses symbolise affection while white roses are the symbol of purity. Red roses might not sound like traditional Mother’s Day flowers but they could be the perfect gift for the mother of your children! For mum or nan, you should consider pink roses, white roses or even a mixed rose bouquet.


Another popular spring flower is the tulip and, like roses and carnations, they are available in a wide variety of colours. Probably the most impressive bouquet of tulips that you can send is one that includes several stems in different colours. The way in which the colours contrast and complement one another is perfect for any occasion – including Mother’s Day.

No matter which one of these traditional Mother’s Day flowers you choose to send this year, don’t forget to include a card with a special message for mum. The flowers will eventually wilt and perish but your words will remain!