Tips for choosing the perfect bridal bouquet

Choosing your bridal bouquet might be easy for some, but it’s not always a simple choice. There are a number of factors that need to be considered including your budget and colour scheme. If you are struggling to find the perfect bunch for your big day, here are some essential tips.

Start by considering your body shape and the style of your dress. The larger the dress, the larger the bouquet should be. If you are tall, you might like a cascading bouquet to help highlight your tall elegance. If you are unsure, take a picture of your dress (or you in your dress) to your florist and ask for some professional help.

Once you know the style, you need to choose the colours. You can choose one, two, or more colours for your bouquet as long as they suit the colour scheme and theme of the wedding. Your bridal bouquet need not match the rest of the flowers you’ve ordered. In fact, it should stand out so you might like to opt for more luxurious flowers.

Don’t be shy about keeping your bouquet simple. Your bridal bouquet is an accessory and not the main attraction. It’s there to highlight the best features of the bride and her dress. By keeping the bouquet simple, it allows the bride to shine.

Finally, don’t be shy to ask about the prices and, if you are strapped for cash, ask about suitable alternatives. You might find that there are other flowers you never even knew existed yet they are a fraction of the price and look just as beautiful! It never hurt to ask and it’s also good to shop around. Never settle for the first quote you get. Keep looking and pricing flowers at various florists before placing your order.