The best office plants for productivity

Whether you own a business or you are a manager, you surely want to encourage productivity. Office plants can help you improve your working environment and give your employees that boost they need.

Peace Lily

A beautiful plant that will look amazing no matter where you decide to place it. It is also wonderfully hardy and will do well near a window, on a coffee table or even in the middle of the office. This plant is great for improving air quality and removing harmful properties.

Golden Pothos

Another fantastic option when it comes to office plants is the golden pothos. It is loved for its ability to improve air quality. It is particularly appreciated in sealed areas like smaller offices where ventilation is not quite as it should be. The lush appearance of this plant makes it an attraction in every space.


This is one of the hardiest of all plants and it helps remove excess carbon monoxide and other impurities from the air. These impurities often cause headaches and drowsiness which means that cleaner air will certainly encourage productivity.

Spider Plant

If your office space has a lot of shelves, you can place this plant on one of them or even display it in a hanging basket. They enjoy a spot close to a window with partial sun. They do, however, also enjoy partial sun. Even if your office is lacking in windows, spider plants can still thrive. An excellent choice for removing volatile organic compounds from the air and it also helps decrease the amount of dust in the air.

Indoor pollution is an increasing problem and this affects all employees in all industries. By improving the air quality, you can help improve productivity. Apart from this, plants help create a more calming and positive environment. So, from a visual and air purification point of view, plants are an essential investment in any office.