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Sympathy blooms – which flowers are best?

Expressing sympathy is not always easy. We feel the need to show the grieving person or persons support but we also need to tread lightly. Fresh flowers make a lovely gift during this difficult time because they are thoughtful and respectful. If you don’t know which types of sympathy blooms to send, here are some […]

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New baby gift and flower ideas

Whenever a baby is born, it gives the family and their friends a fantastic reason to celebrate. Choosing the right new baby gift these days has become increasingly difficult. This is because many parents usually take care of all their essential needs before baby arrives. So, what can you send to celebrate the new arrival? […]

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Spring flowers to celebrate your anniversary

Are you celebrating your anniversary in the next couple of months? Are you still looking for that perfect gift? You can’t go wrong with beautiful fresh blooms. Here are some of the best spring flowers from which you can choose to spoil your spouse. Early spring bloomers If your anniversary is during the earlier part […]

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Money Tree care instructions and tips

If you are looking for a plant that will not require too much of your time or energy, a Money Tree is the way to go. These small trees come from Central and South America. They are known to grow as tall as 3m but you can keep yours at bay by using a small […]

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Potted plants make a house feel like home

Potted plants have a wonderful effect on your environment. They have a way of improving your mood and they even offer various health benefits. By purifying the air you breathe, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle too. Plants can also make your house feel that much more like a home. Entrance Your front door is […]

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Making Your Own Plant Stand

Adding potted plants to your home is a great way of improving your décor and plants also help purify the air. Of course, we don’t always have enough table space on which to place our favourite plants which is a shame because they can easily end up on the floor or in a less than […]

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Making your own flower incense

Incense is great for filling your home with the most beautiful scents. While you might think that you need to buy incense, many do not know that you can make your own flower incense with natural ingredients. Here you will find the method as well as some important tips. Choosing the right plant material The […]

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Give wilting flowers new life

Whether your fresh flowers are strarting to wilt after a couple of days or your fresh flower delivery didn’t arrive in perfect shape, all hope is not lost. Wilted flowers can be revived provided you act quickly. That said, if your flowers are already spent more than a week or two in the vase and […]

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