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Flower facts – Narcissus and Daffodils

Some call them Narcissus while others say Daffodil. Either way you put it, these blooms are superbly beautiful! They can be displayed all on their own or you can combine them with other flowers. Of course, when pairing them in a bouquet, you need to take extra care since these stems release a toxic type […]

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Office flowers perfect for him

Fresh flowers and plants make excellent gifts for all recipients. If you are wondering what types of floral gifts you can send to him, there are some lovely office flowers and plants from which you can choose. When sending a plant or bouquet for his workplace, you can rest assured that the gift will not […]

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Silk flower arranging advice

Creating a silk flower arrangement is quite different from a fresh flower bouquet. You will need to take extra special care at first but it is certainly worth the effort. Once you have created your beautiful bouquet, all you need to do to maintain it is some occasional dusting. Dusting on a regular basis will […]

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Summer flower recipes you will love

When the weather warms up, plants come to life and flowers bloom. This gives us all the more reason to feel happy and positive. Not to mention all the amazing summer flower recipes we can enjoy around this time of year. If you want this summer season to be that much more colourful, give these […]

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Potted plant care and maintenance

All plants require regular care and they are all vulnerable to pets and disease. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on each potted plant and treat any problems as soon as they arise. It also helps to do some research in advance to find out which bugs are attracted […]

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Help newly weds extend their honeymoon

As a couple, everything from your engagement announcement to your wedding day can feel like a wild blur. Before you know it, you’re walking down the isle and dancing the night away. Once the newly weds depart the reception, they are well on their way to enjoy their romantic escape. Whether just for a weekend, […]

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Christmas rose care advice and tips

If you receive or buy a Christmas rose this year, it’s important to make sure that you know how to care for this potted plant in order to help it thrive. This plant is easy to care for provided you ensure that its basic needs are met. Here’s how to ensure that your rose plant […]

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Easy Valentine’s Day centrepiece

Whether you are planning an intimate dinner or a fun Valentine’s Day dinner party for several guests, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice your flower arranging skills! This arrangement requires silk flowers although you can use fresh flowers if you prefer. Silk flowers mean that you can make this display in advance and it will […]

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