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Romantic blooms – alternatives to red roses

While red roses are the number one choice in romantic blooms, they are not your only choice. There are plenty of other options available if you are looking for something different this year. Here are a few of the best ideas to make your partner or spouse smile on Valentine’s Day. Alternative colours Red is […]

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Last-minute flower orders for Valentine’s Day

If you have not yet placed your order for a romantic Valentine’s Day bouquet, you still have time. There are a number of excellent last-minute flower arrangements from which you can choose. Even if you place your order just days before Valentine’s Day, you can be certain that your partner or spouse will never know. […]

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Flower accessories for a romantic arrangement

The perfect romantic bouquet is not just about the blooms. It’s also important to consider all of the accessories that you can add in order to ensure that your floral gift truly stands out. Here are some ideas for flower accessories that you can include to make your bouquet extra special this Valentine’s Day. Vases […]

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Flowers and gifts that will make their day

If you want to send the perfect flowers and gifts to your loved one for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options. If you’re not sure where to start, here are three excellent options and gifts to consider. Colourful bouquets The first step you […]

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Birthday and Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

If you are planning the perfect birthday and Valentine’s Day celebration, it needs to be memorable. Not only are you celebrating one of the most romantic days of the year, but you are also celebrating your Valentine’s birthday. Here are some tips and celebration ideas. Order flowers Fresh flowers make excellent birthday and Valentine’s Day […]

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Helpful hints for that important first date

Going on your first date can be somewhat stressful. Especially if you want to make sure that the first date leads to a second and third date. Not only is it important to impress your date when you pick them up, but you also need to make sure that you plan everything just right. The […]

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Birthday flowers inspired by birth stone

Every month of the year is associated with a special stone. These birth stones have become the source of inspiration for many types of birthday gifts, including fresh flower arrangements. Birth stone inspired bouquets are not only about including a flower that will best represent the appropriate stone. It’s also about choosing additional flowers and […]

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Types of tropical plants you can grow

Tropical plants do not necessarily only grow in tropical regions. The word tropical often scares gardeners off when they could be enjoying some of the most amazing blooms. As long as you provide the plant with a warm environment and enough water, it should do really well for many years. Here are some of the […]

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