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Flower Tips
Flowers That Are Harmful To Children And Pets
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We all like to think of our homes as safe places.  Especially when it comes to our children and pets.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and, despite how many preventative measures we take, there are still a number of risks in the home.  Something as harmless as a fresh flower arrangement or potted […]
Flower Tips Potted Plants
How To Care For Hyacinth Potted Plants
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When somebody sends you a bouquet of fresh flowers, it’s normally pretty clear that you need to trim the stems, give them fresh water and place them in the perfect location in your home.  Potted plants, however, require some more care and consideration but they do make an great house warming, birthday and Mother’s Day […]
Flower fun
Understanding The Meaning Of Flowers
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When the time comes to send flowers, no matter the occasion, it always involves a fair amount of thought.  When you consider the fact that different flowers carry different meanings, it makes choosing the perfect bouquet that much more important.  As you continue reading, you too will start to understand why a flower delivery consisting […]