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All about Dendrobium Orchids
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Dendrobium Orchids have gorgeous blooms and they are very popular house plants for this very reason. They have a three-stage life cycle. It consists of a blooming stage, a growing stage and a dormancy stage. They usually bloom from winter to spring and they grow from summer to autumn. Between autumn and winter, the plant […]
Flower Facts
Interesting orchid flower facts
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Interesting orchid flower facts
Whenever you send flowers, and particularly if they are as prized as orchids, you might be interested to learn a bit more about what makes these flowers so special.  So many of us take the beauty of fresh flowers for granted and some don’t really bother considering just how much flowers like roses and orchids […]
Flower Tips
Care Instructions For Dendrobium Orchids
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Just like any other potted plant, it is of utmost importance that you consider the natural environments in which Dendrobium Orchids flourish.  While they tend to require more care than other house plants, they are known to be more forgiving than many other Orchid varieties and they are also more resistant to disease.  In order […]