Summer flower recipes you will love

When the weather warms up, plants come to life and flowers bloom. This gives us all the more reason to feel happy and positive. Not to mention all the amazing summer flower recipes we can enjoy around this time of year. If you want this summer season to be that much more colourful, give these recipes a try.

Flower popsicles

You can make popsicles using any flavour you like. The only recommendation is to make sure that they are light in colour so that they are semi-transparent. Now add some dark-coloured edible blooms to make your special summer flower popsicles!

Sugar-coated Petals

Rose petals are the best choice when it comes to this summer flower recipe. Make sure that you choose the right type of rose petals since some are sweeter than others. When you are done, you can use these sugar-coated petals to decorate cakes and tarts. All you need to do is coat them with egg wash (egg whites) or simple syrup before sprinkling sugar over the top. Allow them to set before using them.

Floral ice

This is a really fun summer flower recipe and so easy too. Fill your ice tray one third or half way and freeze. Add a small edible flower or flower petal to each ice cube and top with water. Freeze again and use these floral ice cubes to make your summer drinks that much more enjoyable.

Lilac sugar

Lilac is a popular scent used in lotions, perfumes and even some detergents. It has a calming effect and is a well-known sleep aid. To make this summer flower recipe, all you need to do is place lilac in your sugar jar. Shake it up every day and, after a week, remove the flowers. You will have the most amazing lilac-infused sugar! Make sure that you keep your sugar covered with a lid so that the scent does not escape.

These are just a few fun and easy summer flower recipes for you to try this season. Remember to always use blooms that are safe for consumption. Organic flowers are best because they are not coated with pesticides. Inspect each flower before using it. Make sure that there are no bugs lurking between the petals.