Short-stemmed flower display tips

Not all flowers have long stems but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy them. Short-stemmed flower arrangements can be just as appealing as those with tall stems. If you receive a bouquet of blooms and you notice that a few stems are damaged, you don’t need to discard them. Instead, you can trim them and use them in some great and creative ways.

Fill the vase

If you only have tall vases but you want to create a short-stemmed flower arrangement, there is still a way. Firstly, look for a vase that is not transparent. Next, fill the vase with something like floral foam. You can insert your flowers in the foam and this will support them while creating the impression of longer stems. Again, it’s important that your vase is not transparent or it will ruin the effect.

Smaller holders

Another option to consider for short-stemmed flower arrangements is to use smaller holders like coffee mugs, teacups and other small waterproof holders. Make sure that you fill the cup or glass so that there are no gaps in between. That said, you don’t want to overcrowd the cup either. It’s better to create more than one arrangement than to try to squeeze them all into one cup.

Recycling materials

You don’t need to sacrifice a cup or mug to hold your short-stemmed flower display. If you like, you can use something as simple as an old tin or jar. If you feel like it doesn’t look particularly attractive, you can always cover the tin with decorative paper, fabric or even pretty ribbon. There are many ways in which you can spruce up an otherwise unattractive holder.

Some other excellent holders for short-stemmed flower arrangements include shot glasses and even salt and pepper shakers. It all depends on the size of the flower and the length of the stems. You want your holder to offer enough support so that the arrangement does not appear top heavy.