Sending the right flowers for every occasion

You may already know that different flowers have different meanings. These meanings make particular bouquets suited for specific occasions. There are two key factors when it comes to selecting the ideal flowers – the occasion and the recipient.

Birthday flowers should be easy to select. The arrangement should be bright and bold so that the flowers are an expression of your joy. If the recipient has a particular favourite flower, then you could show them how much you care by sending a bunch of their favourite blooms.

Anniversary flowers are romantic which is why red and pink are the top colours for these arrangements. That said, you could send a bouquet in the colour associated with that year of marriage. You could even show your florist a photo or two of your wedding flowers and have them create something inspired by your wedding flowers.

Sympathy flowers can be tricky which is why most people choose white and green bouquets. White is often associated with purity and they are also elegant and respectful. White bouquets accompanied by lush green foliage might be the top choice but there is no rule that says you can’t send a colourful bouquet. Brighter flowers can help lift the mood of those grieving the loss of their loved one. So keep this in mind when making your selection.

Just like birthday arrangements, thank you flowers are also usually bright and beautiful. Not only do they bring the recipient joy, but they also show them that you sincerely appreciate them and their help or support.

If you are welcoming a new baby, you could choose a blue bouquet for a boy or a pink one for a baby girl. Neutral options like yellow and mixed bouquets are also popular for those who want to send something a little bit different.

Remember, roses are associated with love and red roses send a message of a deep and romantic type of love. Yellow roses are ideal for friends, and mixed bouquets are perfect for occasions when you do not want to accidentally send the wrong message. Another great idea is to shop for flowers online since online florists make it easy to shop according to the occasion!