Send special care packages

When a loved one, partner or spouse needs to spend an extended period of time away from home, it can be difficult for everyone. To help make this transition period a bit easier, you can send your loved one a care basket. Gift hampers are available in a variety of sizes and they each contain different items. The gift you choose will depend on your relationship with the recipient and their preferences.

If you want to send a healthy basket to show that you care, you could opt for a fruit hamper. Fresh fruit will decorate their room and offer a great boost for their immune system too. Staying physically healthy will help them maintain a positive outlook which is important when missing home.

Food hampers usually include a wide variety of comfort foods which are just what anyone needs when they are feeling blue. When you’re missing your loved ones, sometimes all you need is a bag of crisps and some dip to get you through the night.

Chocolate and sweet hampers are a good idea for those with a sweet tooth. They also have a long shelf life which means that the recipient can enjoy the contents of this hamper for days or even weeks!

Pamper hampers are also a good option if you know that your loved one will most likely encounter stress. Some items in the hamper are designed for a single use (like bath bombs) while others can be used several times (like soaps, robes, and towels).

Remember, you can have the hamper delivered on your behalf but, if you are able to make your way to the recipient, then this could also be a special surprise. For example, if your child has just made their way off to university, you could check in and take a gift along with some other comforts from home. Don’t overstay your welcome, however! You don’t want to embarrass them in front of their new friends!