Send fresh flowers for hope

It is during uncertain times when we need hope more than anything else. While we cannot necessarily help as much as we would like, there are ways of expressing support, love and sending an uplifting message. One way is to send flowers for hope. Different flowers have different meanings and these blooms will fill the recipient with the hope and positive outlook that we all need right now.


When sending flowers for hope, it is important to make sure that you understand the local culture. For example, red chrysanthemums represent love and hope in most countries but, in Italy, they represent death. A bouquet of red chrysanthemums can also be perceived as a romantic gesture so you should mix them up with some other blooms just to avoid sending the wrong message.


These blooms represent friendship, hope and valor. In France, the fleur-de-lis is a symbol of the royal family which is yet another reason why these blooms are so loved. The plant itself is hardy which is another reason why these blooms make excellent gifts for those in need of a morale boost during this time.

Anemones and snow drops

Anemones are the symbol of the return of the sun after the long and cold winter while snow drops represent hope. For those who are struggling during this time, these flowers are just what they need to lift their spirits enough to see them through.

Whenever you want to send flowers for hope, remember that you can emphasize this message in the note that is delivered along with the blooms. Bright colours like yellow, pink and orange are also great because they send a positive message. You can choose a single colour or opt for a mixed bouquet if you prefer. In so many cases, just knowing that somebody cares enough to let you know that they are thinking of you is the greatest gift of all.