Send flowers to say congratulations

Happy occasions are always worth celebrating. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, various accomplishments. When somebody you love is promoted at work, gets a new job, finds out that they are expecting a baby, or gets engaged, it’s certainly time for fun and flowers! Fresh flowers not only send a message of congratulations, but they also show that person support and encourage them for whatever awaits. It is important, however to make sure that you choose the right flowers when sending such a message.

Success if often associated with finances like getting promoted at work or getting a raise. If one of your loved ones hit the jackpot, you can celebrate along with them by sending a bunch of tiger lilies. Tiger lilies are a symbol of pride and wealth which makes them perfect for these occasions. They also don’t send any kind of romantic message so there’s no need to worry about giving the recipient the wrong idea.

Nasturtium represents victory in battle which is why they are so perfect for somebody who has managed to achieve a goal that proved tough. Everyone is different which means that the task might seem easy to you but for your friend or loved one, it was a significant challenge.

If the accomplishment required a significant amount of dedication, then consider addin forsynthia to the bunch. They are associated with that feeling of anticipation which translates into an eagerness for success. When somebody graduates, for example, these flowers are an excellent choice because there is a sense of anticipation from the moment they enroll.

For the modest recipient, you could send flowers like blue bells, peach roses, or even daisies and violets. You can send one of these types of flowers or you can mix them up for a colourful display. All of these flowers represent modesty which makes them great for somebody who has accomplished great things through charity work.

Sometimes, when your friend reaches their goal before you, it might make you a little green. This is often the case when you are openly competing at work or in your personal life for that particular goal. If you want to send a message of congratulations with just a hint of envy (friendly of course), then consider sending marigolds, yellow hyacinth, and yellow roses.

The meaning of flowers depends on their colour and the type of flower. Of course, you can also create a whole new meaning by combining different flowers. For example, red roses are known to represent a deep and passionate kind of love. Yellow roses, on the other hand, symbolise friendship. When you arrange these two together, they represent congratulations. This goes for red and yellow tulips too. So, if you’re not sure what to send, these are two great and safe options.