Romantic flowers to say I love you

If you want to make a meaningful romantic gesture when sending flowers, it makes sense that you should take some extra time and put in extra effort. The kinds of flowers you choose will need to reflect your feelings and send the right message. The type of flowers you select will usually depending on such factors as your budget, the season, and the occasion.

When it comes to romantic flowers, you most likely immediately think of red roses. They are, after all, the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day and other romantic celebrations. This is because red roses are associated with the most passionate kind of love and affection. Due to the fact that they are not technically in season in the northern hemisphere coupled with the great demand, it’s not uncommon for the price of red roses to increase significantly around Valentine’s Day. For this reason, more and more people continue to search for romantic alternatives.

One lovely option is tulips. They are available in various colours, including red, and the are known for brightening up any room. Red tulips also send a message of romance and love which is why some people opt for these flowers instead of red roses.That said, all red flowers tend to be slightly more expensive around this time of year so, if you are looking for an option that is a bit more budget-friendly, you could ask your florist for a mixed bouquet of tulips instead.

Simple yet beautiful, daisies are also associated with the purest and most innocent form of love. Daisies are available in several varieties and colours. Arguably, the most impressive of all being the gerbera daisy. They are available in red, pink, orange, and more! You could choose a single colour or even a mixed bouquet.

During the cooler part of the year, carnations are in bloom and this means that they are both readily available and affordable. Like roses, you will find an abundant variety of colours from which to choose when you opt for carnations. Each colour has a different meanig so make sure that you do some research before making a choice. Striped carnations, for example, can be associated with jealousy and negative emotions which is why they might not be suitable.

One of, if not the most elegant flower of all is the orchid. The shape of the petals, the way they are arranged, and the superb colours really set this flower apart. Even white orchids look so amazingly pure that they are a show stopper.Cut orchids are an option but, for most people, sending a potted orchid is preferred. This is because the potted plant will be enjoyed for years to come rather than just a few weeks.

If you are not sure about sending any of the flowers mentioned above, there is another option. You could surprise your loved one with a bouquet of their flower of choice. In some cases, you could choose a bouquet that consists solely of their favourites or you could at least have the florist add them to the bunch. This will show them that you care enough to pay attention to the things they love.