All about pretty Poinsettias

When it comes to Christmas flowers, Poinsettias are often one of the first plants that will come to mind. They have lovely green leaves along with colourful leaves that resemble flowers. The most popular colour for the festive season is red and they can be used to spruce up various areas of the home. They also make excellent holiday gifts for loved ones and friends. The pots can be wrapped up with some festive paper and a decorative ribbon for that perfect finishing touch.

Poinsettias are native to Mexico and the ancient Aztecs saw this plant as a symbol of purity. It was not until many years ago that Christians chose to use this plant as part of their Christmas décor. According to Mexican legend, there was a child who wanted to present Jesus with a suitable gift. This child had no money but he believed that the value of the gift was not as important as giving with a loving heart. So the child picked some weeds that grew wild behind the church. When entering the church, the congregation watched in shock as the weeds transformed into the most beautiful red and green bouquet of Poinsettias. Today, this plant is associated with this festive occasion and a reminder to always give with love.

Poinsettias are excellent for those who have allergies since they have little to no pollen. This is one of the reasons why they make excellent gifts. When you send a Poinsettia, you don’t need to worry about affecting any sensitive noses. It is important to keep in mind that the sap from Poinsettias can cause skin irritations which means that you should take care and wear gloves if you plan on snipping any of the stems. It’s also a good idea to keep kids and pets from playing with these plants.

There are a number of types of Poinsettias and your location will play a significant role when it comes to availability. They can be displayed indoors or outside and they prefer cooler conditions. Once the plant is large and mature enough, it can be transplanted from the pot to your garden. Make sure that you choose a cool, shady spot. Not only do these plants decorate your home, but you can also use the colourful leaves to decorate gifts and for arts and crafts.