Potted plant care and maintenance

All plants require regular care and they are all vulnerable to pets and disease. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on each potted plant and treat any problems as soon as they arise. It also helps to do some research in advance to find out which bugs are attracted to each type of plant you own.

Spotting bacteria

Wet and warm conditions encourage the growth of bacteria on your potted plant. Be on the lookout for dark spots that are raised. They will occur on the leaves of the plant. You can use a fungicide to solve the problem and make sure that you separate the infected plant from the rest. Bacterial blight results from cool and wet conditions. You will see yellow spots on the leaves that eventually turn brown. Remove these plants from the vicinity of the rest immediately.

Root rot

Cool, damp soil can cause black root rot. If the potted plant looks like it’s not doing well and the roots are black, root rot has set in. There isn’t anything you can do to treat the problem. This is why you should take care how much and how often you water each plant. You can also use a fungicide as a preventive measure.


These tiny critters can do a whole lot of damage and they can multiply quickly. They love warm environments with plenty of nitrogen. Inspect the stems and leaves of your plants regularly. These bugs are green or yellow in colour. You can remove them by wiping your plant with rubbing alcohol or mild soapy water. If left untreated, your plant could become affected by the Cucumber Mosaic Virus caused by aphid infestations. There is no treatment and your plant will need to be disposed of.

Spider mites

Spider mites love warm homes and you will see fine webbing under the leaves. You should prune the affected leaves and wipe the plant with mild soapy water. There are also some insecticides that you can use to get rid of these bugs. Make sure to keep the affected plant separate until the problem is resolved.


These bugs look for a potted plant that is over watered and planted in soil with high levels of nitrogen. They are small white bugs and they have a fuzzy appearance. Rubbing alcohol or the appropriate insecticide will get rid of them.

By practicing proper potted plant care, you will get that much more out of them. Pets and disease can stunt the growth of any plant, if not kill it off completely. It is particularly disappointing when you receive a plant as a gift only to have it perish due to lack of knowledge or improper care.