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Sympathy flowers for a co-worker’s family

Considering the amount of time we spend at work each day, it’s no wonder our co-workers feel more like family. When we lose somebody we’ve known for years and worked with so closely, it can feel like losing a member of our own family. If you are wondering whether or not you should reach out […]

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Choosing the best funeral flowers for her

When buying flowers for your wife, sister, mother or any other woman in your life, you usually have a pretty clear picture of what she will enjoy. It is also worth mentioning that buying flowers for her is often easier than choosing flowers for men. When it comes to funerals and memorial services, flowers are […]

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Most popular occasions to send flowers

Flowers are a popular gift for so many occasions. They have become such an important part of our culture that we can hardly imagine life without them. We send flowers for just about every occasion. Here are some of the top occasions that call for a flower delivery. Birthdays Wish a friend or loved one […]

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Sending condolence flowers

When somebody you know and love passes away, it can prove extremely traumatic. Despite the feelings that you are experiencing, the immediate family of the departed is bound to be feeling an even greater sense of grief and loss. When sending condolence flowers, it’s important to know that there are a number of ways in […]

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Choosing the right sympathy flowers

The loss of a friend or loved one is not something that we like to think about. Planning a funeral is incredibly difficult and exhausting for the family. Which is why it is so important to offer your support while respecting their privacy. Send sympathy flowers Sympathy flowers are available at your florist and they […]

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Soothing flowers and calming colours

Fresh blooms and specific colours have something very interesting in common – they can both be incredibly relaxing. The trick to choosing the best soothing flowers is by understanding which scents have this effect on us as well as the right colours to choose. Soothing scents Whether you want to send soothing flowers or even […]

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Why cacti make an excellent gift

When sending a plant to a loved one or friend, it’s important to consider their preferences as well as their lifestyle. Different kinds of plants require different levels of care and maintenance. Somebody who leads a very busy lifestyle with plenty of work and family commitments, might not necessarily have the time to tend to […]

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Lovely lavender flowers

Different types of flowers are available in various colours. Not all flowers are available in every colour which is why it’s always good to keep an open mind when searching for flower arrangements to suit a specific theme or colour scheme. If you are looking for lavender coloured flowers for your home, office, or for […]

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