Popular British Flowers

Every country has its own favourite flowers. This is not only because certain blooms do well in certain climates, but also because they are loved by locals. When shopping for British flowers, here are some of the most popular choices.


Roses are a popular bloom all over the world. They are available in various colours and there are also several types from which to choose. Luxurious memory lane roses and avalanche roses are great as focal flowers while spray varieties are lovely mass flowers.


Available in several varieties and colours, lilies are wonderful addition to many bouquets. Depending on the variety, they can have a strong perfume or no scent at all. If you are worried about pollen, you can remove the pollen of certain varieties.


In bloom from January to April, tulips are a colouful joy to many UK flower lovers. These flowers, like roses, are often cultivated or imported even when they are not in season. This goes to show how popular they really are.


These blooms are often used as mass flowers and they are loved for their sweet scent. They can be displayed all on their own but many people choose to pair them with luxurious roses for the ultimate bouquet.


A symbol of luxury and opulence, the orchid is unlike any other flower. While they are often added to various types of bouquets, they are even more popular as potted plants. They enjoy a warmer and more humid environment which is what makes some people think that they are difficult to grow. The reality is that they simply have different needs to many other potted plants in that they love humidity and they don’t require regular potting soil. Available in many colours, they are always a gift that will make the recipient smile.


Like roses and tulips, carnations are available in a wide variety of colours and several shades of many colours. They can be used as mass flowers in a mixed arrangement or they can be displayed all on their own. When you send a bouquet of red carnations to a loved one, this is just as romantic as a bouquet of red roses.

These are some of the top British flowers that you will most likely be able to find throughout the year at your local florist. When they are in season, you can expect them to be at a more affordable price. However, if you need your favourite, you should have no trouble since they are often imported or specially cultivated.