Plants in your bedroom for improved sleep

Different types of plants offer various benefits. Based on these benefits, you can then choose which ones will suit your bedroom. Not only should your bedroom plants make your bedroom look better, but they should also offer something extra, like a soothing scent or air purification.

Gardenias are lovely flowering plants and their irresistable scent will certainly improve the atmosphere of your bedroom. According to German studies, the scent of these flowers has a similar effect to that of valium in that it is calming and helps encourage peaceful sleep.

Jasmine also has a particularly pleasant smell and it has been associated with several benefits. One of which being relief from anxiety. Stress often keeps us up at night which is why this fantastic flowering plant s great for creating a relaxing environment.

Lavender is particularly beautiful and it has an unmistakeable scent. According to studies, this soothing scent helps reduce REM sleep and shortens the amount of time needed to wake up in the morning. By reducing your anxiety levels, slowing your heart rate, and your blood pressure, you will rest easy.

If you struggle to sleep because your bedroom feels stuffy, then you will love having an aloe plant by your window or on your bedside table. This plant is particularly easy to maintain and does not require particularly special care. It also releases oxygen into the air which is excellent for encouraging sleep.

For those who are concerned with the presence of harmful substances in the air, all you need is a peace lily. This plant filters out chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. During the winter, this plant releases humidity which is good news for your respiratory system! No more dry air which means that you’ll reduce the chances of suffering from congestion or a sore throat.