Personalise your flower arrangements

Flower arrangements can be sent for a number of occasions. When you send flowers to your friends or loved ones, you want to make sure that they send the right message. Apart from choosing the right colours and types of flowers, it’s also a good idea to add that personal touch.

The first thing you need to consider is the importance of the vase you choose. Take a coffee can for example. If the flower recipient is a coffee lover, you could use an old coffee can to give your bouquet that rustic and memorable touch. Remember to choose the right colour flowers to fill your creative vase. You want to make sure that the colours of your flowers and that of your vase are distinctly different. For example, If you have orange flowers, you want to avoid a red or orange vase but choose green or even blue instead.

Another idea is to create your own vase. Select some meaningful photos of you and the flower recipient together. Cut them out and paste them on the outside of the vase. Use decoupage to secure the photos and to protect them.

Apart from the vases or containers that you choose, you can also make your flower arrangement personal by adding special accessories like flower picks. For example, if your friend or loved one enjoys a specific sport or if they love s particular creature like butterflies, you can add a pick the the display. You could even add a personalised pick like one that includes a picture of you and your loved one.

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of selecting the right flowers. Each type of flower and each colour sends a different message. Some flowers are symbols of friendship while others are more romantic. If your loved one has a particular favourite flower, then this will prove to be the most thoughtful gift of all. If you do not know what their favourite type of flower is, you could at least select a bouquet of flowers in their favourite colour.